Saturday, April 29, 2017

From millstone to milestone

Purdah has been in the (UK) news of late; it's the fig-leaf of convention that the Tories are hiding their shame with (the shame of defying the law and letting UK citizens die a slow and painful death until May is good and ready).

But a rather less heinous sort of purdah has just released this blog. Longer ago than I care to think, I wrote that I'd suspend this blog until I'd published something. Well, here it is then:

But it's very slow going, and I'm not convinced the effort's worth it; there are other things (real writing, not this square-bashing) that I'd like to be getting on with. The only creative text here is the Intro and the Notes (which are much longer here than in the first book).

This section (AL-UL) is not freely downloadable yet – Kindle Direct Publishing can't hack the idea of starting free and rising to a minimum price afterwards, so wait until after the Bank Holiday (non-UK readers may need this explaining: it's an old UK custom that involves everything in the economy grinding to a halt, except for minimum-wage retail, leisure, and entertainments workers. According to some Labour Party thinkers, the institution of new Bank Holidays is the main plank of an economic policy – well, it worked for that  Latin chappy: panem et circenses [="bread and roundabouts"] – a reference to the electoral importance of food and traffic-calming).


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