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Bob Knowles (@LeBobEnchaine) studied languages and linguistics at the University of Cambridge, and after a number of editorial positions began a 20-year career as a Technical Writer.

In 2004/5 he studied for a PGCE, and afterwards a CELTA (an English Language Teaching certificate). Since then he has been a self-employed teacher, writer, and creator of teaching materials, and a contributor to the TESconnect Resource bank. Since late November 2006 he has moderated the UsingEnglish forums at UsingEnglish.com.

In 2012 he was nominated for the Macmillan Education Award for Innovative Writing in the 2012 ELTons, with a 'Dictionary of Vowels and Their Sounds'. 'When Vowels Get Together' takes that as a starting point.

During the book's development, Bob explained "I am releasing it in separate sections (reminiscent of the traditional way of publishing dictionaries bit-by-bit, in 'fascicles' – these were unbound clutches of pages, issued [typically] to subscribers. But rather than issue many separate Kindle titles, I am making available a single 'work-in-progress' version)."

V5.2, completes the treatment of all the vowel pairs. There is also now a paperback, for use in the unwired class/staff-room. The latest addition to this 'stable' is Diphthongs and Digraphs. This has largely the same text (with occasional trivial corrections) and a partial index. For more about this, see My Stuff page.

Update 2016.01.08.20:00 – Workaround applied
PS Still no tab (the My Stuff tab doesn‘t appear [at the time of writing]), but at least I‘ve made the above reference clickable.


You can reach me @BobK99 or @WVGTbook. I'm also on Facebook with the same usernames, and on Linked In (though my presence there is less reliable, as the underpowered free version didn't prove so indispensable [that's putting it kindly; it's sometimes so flaky as to be unusable] as to justify paying for the proper version). The hashtag #WVGTbook may get my attention, but I'm not a punctilious 'watcher of the skies' and a direct approach would be more reliable.

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